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Breaking News: 9 Month Old Ari Is Walking!

August 16th, 2006 at 01:22 pm

Bababa.. dada dada..ma booahh ahh

Uncommon Cents is proud to declare to the blogosphere universe that 9 month old Ari is walking. It all transpired on August 9th on a bright sunny afternoon when mommy let her stand on the kitchen floor all by herself. She fearlessly took one step, then another, and another! Until she was finally in the arms of her loving beautiful mother. Today Ari resumes her normal daily life being a baby and performs daring physical feats by walking from coffee table to chair and dining table to coffee table. Please do not be alarmed for her beloved parents keep close watch out for any head or bodily injuries. (WARNING:Children under the age of 9 months should not try this at home)This is what Ari had to say,"Bababa..dadadada..mabooahh ahh."And there you have it folks. If we live our lives not conquering our fears then we wouldn't progress and learn because to live through our fears is like taking that first step into new possiblities and new opportunities. Remember you heard it here first on Uncommon Cents and Have A Fear Conquering Day!!

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