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Induction Ceremony

August 16th, 2006 at 12:47 pm

When I was single, my finances we so much easier to manage. Having a family added great challenges and joyful experiences in my volatile financial world.

I knew our financial diet was in jeopardy when we had to use my credit card to pay bills and began to live the "paycheck to paycheck" routine.

Like any person, I went over our monthly statements and unearthed the culprits behind those nasty expenses. Most of our expenses went to buying name-brand groceries that were more of a luxury than a necessity and eating-out.

Alas, once I budgeted those two areas we were able to see a surplus of about $500! Well that didn't last very long because I allocated each and every cent into paying down our debt.

So now I am here at Saving Advice with my new blog where I will post all my trials and tribulations about our financial past, present, and future. Won't this be fun!?