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Disposable VS Cloth Diapers

August 20th, 2006 at 12:18 pm

efore DD was born and throughout her infancy I've pondered disposable versus cloth diapers.

For me the benefit and the cost of using disposable diapers exceeded switching to cloth. But another reason is I just don't know where to find cloth diapers!

I had DD use Huggies and Pampers the first couple of months out of convenience and to save time. After she turned 3 months I swithed to the cheaper brands, namely White Cloud and Parent's Choice and found both to be better than Huggies.

I had a huge problem with Huggies leaking and since I switched to generic diapers I save more money, have no leaks, save time and hassle by using disposables.

I can't imagine being out of the house and having to stuff soiled cloth diapers back into my bag to clean later.

7 Responses to “Disposable VS Cloth Diapers”

  1. princessperky Says:

    try ECing, I have troubles with cloth, but eving saves me several diapers a day.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    You can find cloth diapers online or at WalMart. You can find patterns for making your own online as well. You can use cloth at home and disposables for when you are out and about. The money saved is a lot if you line dry your diapers and just fluff them a bit in the dryer. You can also buy diaper liners that you can lift out of the cloth diaper and toss. They cost very little and make clean up easier.

  3. homebody Says:

    I compromised with cloth at home and disposables when out and about.

  4. ima saver Says:

    I had nothing but cloth diapers , disposables were not around. My mother and i saved all of the plastic bread wrapper to put soiled diapers in the diaper bag.

  5. DivaJen Says:

    This is another time when it doesn't have to all or nothing - like someone else commented, you could try cloth at home and still use disposables when out. Saving 2 or 3 disposables a day would be great, and environmentally friendly too.

    I switched DD to cloth when she was about a year old, and I was glad I did.

  6. Faeanne Says:

    Cloth diapers are great- if you get the good quality kind. (Not the ones you buy at Walmart- those are better for burp rags!) I used them on my last DS and loved them. The top advantages: saving money, healthier for you child, better for the environment, no late night diaper-runs to the store, resale value & there is nothing cuter than a cloth-diapered baby butt! I haven't had to worry about diapers in a while, but I could probably find the great places I learned about them & links to a bunch of places to buy them.

    Oh- and they make adorable wetbags (to hold dirty/wet diapers) that hold everything in great.

  7. Great to be Debt Free Says:

    Unrelated to diapers, I just have to say what a beautiful blog you have. How is it you can make it so attractive? Is this where the whole html stuff comes in, or what? I'm so curious as to how to do this, and afraid it would be one more thing I would spend time on when I need to work on school/other projects. But I love it! And I have to wonder if you workied in design or marketing! Smile

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